This is the Year You Write Your Book

They say this cat Shaft is a bad mother (shut your mouth)
But I’m talkin’ ‘bout Shaft (then we can dig it)

Remember Shaft, the cool private eye who told it like it was?

What made Shaft so cool (besides his theme song and his black leather trench coat)? It was his credibility. Out on the mean streets of 1970s New York, Shaft was the one man who would never “cop out when there’s danger all about.” Shaft had a way of communicating his hard-earned experience and knowledge so that no one who saw him would never forget it (if they survived the encounter, that is).

Like Shaft, you’ve built up your business with credibility and trust. People come to you not only because they know and like you, but because they respect you. In other words, you’re an expert—a status that has taken years to earn.

Now you can leverage your knowledge in a way that will land you recognition as a thought leader, with everything that goes along with it (like better speaking gigs, more professional recognition, and getting your ideas in front of your ideal clients).

Because this is the year that you write your book.

Now how am I going to find time to write a book?

Some folks call it a lead magnet, an expert piece, or a credibility booster. No matter what you call it, it’s a polished, professional real book that customers and colleagues can hold in their hands (or download from Amazon or your website).

The good news is, you’ve prepared more than you think. You probably already have presentations you’ve given, notes and ideas from meetings with customers and prospects, perhaps articles and blogs you’ve written. Maybe you’ve even started on a book before and then realized it’s a full-time job in itself. That’s where I come in.

I may not be able to write and perform your theme song like Isaac Hayes, but I’m an award-winning author of books and other long-form materials both for myself and for a wide variety of businesses and audiences. I can work with you to develop your concept into a real book. Depending on your circumstances, you could have your book completed and published in as little as a couple of months!

Working as a partner with you, I’ll lead you through the following process:

  • Background. I’ll assess what you already have and determine what you still need.
  • Charting a course. I’ll create a complete outline/table of contents for your approval.
  • Research and interviews. I’ll conduct any necessary research to flesh out the book’s content, and we’ll conduct one or more interviews so the book is in your voice.
  • Write the book. I’ll tell your story with precision and flair.
  • Revisions. Two rounds of revisions are included. With solid groundwork, many people find this step goes much faster than they ever expected.
  • Editing and proofing is all included—no embarrassing mistakes.
  • Titling and cover design. I’ll help you choose a title, write the back cover copy and supplemental materials such as the copyright page and dedication, and oversee professional cover art and design.
  • Production. I’ll set up everything for you so that your book can be printed and sold on Amazon, you can order your own copies at a low cost, and your book is in an attractive e-book format.

Then I’ll turn the keys over to you! Congratulations—you’re an author!

Now here’s your fun fact: There were seven Shaft novels, authored by Ernest Tidyman, who was also an Oscar-winning screenwriter with credits such as High Plains Drifter and The French Connection. The books, movies, and song created a sensation, with Isaac Hayes becoming the first African-American to win a non-acting Oscar for his efforts. As for Tidyman, he received an NAACP Image Award—one of the only white people ever to be so honored.

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