Recharge Zone

How do you recharge? Some 25 years into the information revolution, the industry all too often still glorifies a culture of crisis and “doing the impossible” with gallons of coffee and all-night or all-weekend work sessions. And, some 100 years after efficiency expert Henry Ford identified 40 hours as the ideal span for human productivity, and in spite of studies that show we max out at 55 hours, we still pin a gold star on those crazed geniuses who “go the extra mile.”

Look–once in a while everyone gets behind the eight-ball. We’ve all been there, and will be again. But I build a fence around my personal and family time and let my clients know about it up front. Word-smithing is creative work, demanding on the mind and the body (as my chiropractor can attest). Protecting my recharge zone is all part of doing business as a creative professional.

My stock in trade is crafting a message  that is clear, precise, and grabs the reader’s attention and, often, their emotions. There are many things I can share with you about the craft of business writing, but even I don’t know what happens inside that black box where the research goes in and the writing comes out. All I know is that it’s my indispensable asset. Just as a professional singer protects his or her voice from overuse, so must a working writer protect his or her creative mind. That’s what you’re paying for.

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