A Little Less Conversation

Yesterday I was involved in a great discussion about networking for introverts. It was interesting to find out how many people who are introverts also wrestle with perfectionism and procrastination. I don’t think anyone is immune from deferring a sticky problem in hopes it will somehow just go away!

Introverts like me love to immerse ourselves deeply in our work. The reward is the opportunity to create outstanding work. However, the challenge is letting go so the work can fly out of the nest! Whether I’m doing work for myself or a client, I do like to fuss over the details, and make sure everything is accurate, correct, reads well, and is “just so.”

Luckily, I’m grounded and action-oriented by nature. One tip I can share is to set deadlines and commit to them. This lifts the burden of over polishing from your shoulders and lets you move on and apply the lessons learned to the next project, rather than remaining immersed in the same one.

And as for procrastination, I’ve been dying to share about a great little app called Forest. If you’re like me and find yourself frittering away time on your smartphone, Forest is a fun way to cut back. Through a game-like interface, you can grow trees and create your own forest by tying up your phone for anywhere between 10 minutes to two hours. If you use your phone during that time, your trees die. If you stick with it, you can earn points to unlock new species of trees, and end up with quite a forest each week before the game starts over. You can even save up your points and contribute them towards the planting of real trees. Give it a try!

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