A New Start


I’m pleased to announce that I have joined Applied Research Laboratories at the University of Texas as a senior technical writer.

I loved my time as a freelance writer working on independent projects, including my book. But it was time for a change and the next challenge. In the last five years, I have experienced tremendous growth as a professional writer and as a person, and I couldn’t be prouder of this time.

Now I’m ready for the future. At Applied Research Labs, I’ll be using my skills to support scientists and researchers working in the fields of acoustics and sonar, electromagnetics, and information sciences. The labs were established at the end of World War II, and the work is Defense Department affiliated. I’m genuinely excited to have been accepted by a group of such bright and talented people doing important work that benefits our country.

On a lifestyle related note, ARL has a nice old-style campus and is located just 10 minutes from my house! And I know I’ll enjoy being part of an academic atmosphere.

I’m also looking forward to opening up my blog to a wider range of topics that hopefully will make you smile or give you something to think about. And wherever this new role takes me, I’m excited about continuing to learn, grow, and serve.

2 Comments on “A New Start

  1. Sounds like a perfect fit. Meant to be. Enjoy, and remember to share a smile.

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